The Foundation's mission

This Website presents the project of the Knowledge and Technologies Research Foundation developed by Nathalie Van de Wiele under the auspices of the Sophia Antipolis Foundation from June 2005 to March 2006. At the end of this first period, a strong network of companies and institutional or research organizations has been identified to be involved in the project. These Web pages can carry on the future developements for this foundation in the next months.


Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST) are playing an increasingly essential role in the creation, management and transmission (diffusion and teaching) of knowledge.

It is on this theme that the Knowledge and Technologies Research Foundation will develop its work, based on:

  • a research team and tele-learning platform including state-of-the-art technology,
  • partnerships with industry, institutional bodies and leading research teams both at home and abroad.

France has allowed itself to become slightly behind the times in the field of eLearning, the learning method based on educational content available to learners via digital media and that will soon be the pivotal point of knowledge and culture. However, France does have numerous advantages - a well-educated population, a large number of teachers, researchers and experts and advanced technology. Taking up a position in the worldwide knowledge network, making its projects international, using technology to increase our level of knowledge and to help countries where education is lacking by creating favourable conditions to create educational content - these are the challenges to be met.

To contribute to this, the Knowledge and Technologies Research Foundation has identified five priority research focuses for the first three years, as well as a set of initial partners. These five research focuses have been chosen so they are both complementary and interact one with another, giving the Foundation a central position with regard to its partners.

A Knowledge and Technologies International Forum will be held in Sophia Antipolis on an annual basis. It will enable the results and perspectives of the Foundation's work to be opened up to a wide audience. In this occasion, research bursaries will be awarded to the winners of the Knowledge and Technologies Olympiad and the ICST and Knowledge for all Award will support a project with a social dimension.

Latest news

A very good assessment
March 31, 2006

The Board of Directors of the Sophia Antipolis Foundation assessed very positively the first developments of the Knowledge and Technologies Research Foundation launched in June 2005...